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Once upon a time, on the hills of Sants, in Barcelona, a new hacklab was born, spiritual brother of the Amsterdam’s SplusD.
Free software for the creation of tools.
Alternative self organized productions and distribution of content on horizontal communication platforms.



On line soon! Projects Space for Development – Call Open!


some free codec-software streaming lab is going around at chequepoint.
You can view it with videolan, mplayer, xine, pure data and more!Here’s the command we run from the linux box:

ffmpeg2theora --optimize --v4l /dev/video0 --inputfps 5 -x 320
-y 240 -v 4 -a 0 /dev/mixer -o /dev/stdout - | oggfwd 8000 password /chequepoint.ogg

once upon a time there was a building

currently many connections go from chequepoint across the channel to arrive to plymouth….

to the cybrid, a building sending messages in a bottle waiting on the internet for other people to see it, showing itself with a marvellous open source attitude difficult to find in a building.

info about the building status and visualizations can be found at

bott up sequence arch-os