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Weekly VOKU Sundays @ 20:00

The place to go after an exhausting day of squatting actions. The bar is open, the food is vegan, and the donations go to the Radical Action Fund…every Sunday at 20:00, Damrak 16.

Anarchist Coffee and Cake


vegan cake & coffee letter writing to prisoners and info point
money goes to ABC Am*dam

every wednesday 14 -19

vegan cakes as donation welcome!

One Year of Occupation


We are proud to announce one year of occupation in the Damrak 16.

We are more, we are stronger, and we partied all weekend!

Happy birthday to the Cheque Point Change!

Electro Pop Party

electroparty1.jpgUnbeatable Great Electro Pop Party

DJ’S Visuals Live Pirates DIY Radio

dress up as pinps & queens & criminal queers

DAMRAK 16 – Amsterdam

Friday 2nd March 22:00 –> electro pop breaks & beats the system

* Real Pure Pleasure & music *