The SplusD lab was born in the Damrak 16 as a side working space for programming and development, directly linked to the ASCII hacklab of Amsterdam.


Main projects in the space have been the d.r.0.p., developer in residence project, that invited first Raylab with the HiveNetworks research, and then Abbadingo, whose project was never completed, but still opened a perspective on streaming and video making on a exposed huge palace like the Damrak 16.


Another d.r.0.p. project was The Ball in the Hole, an interactive game / installation by Kysucix and Xname.


A group of ascii members formed the ASCII-ROBOT crew, a small group of hackers interested in robots as a mechanical and informatic concept, and practice.


Currently the SplusD is presenting a 3 months programming workshop. The lab is moving near the chequepoint public space, and every monday and thursday between 11:00 and 01:00 you can come and drink a nice nerd beer with us:
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