Tips n tricks with the chequepoint WP site

How to make events only show up in the ‘events listing side bar’

aha gotit…if you go itno ‘manage’ in the admin you can see a number of articles that _only_ have the category of ‘event’… so you can edit these and change the date to the following weeks and then they will display in the event listing but not in the main area of the blog. Its a bit arduous cause unfortunately there is no word press plugin for recurring events…

Images can have a maximum width of 450 pixels

yes, i changed the buttkraaker flyer image cause it was too big… which means that in web browsers other than firefox they display at there full size and take up the screen, even if youve resized then in the article editor. So the solution for the futue is to create the images to have a maximum width of 450 pixels using the image editor of choice (gimp should do the job easily).