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Cheque Point Change is proud to announce the first ‘Developer in Residence Project’ (d.r.0.p.) starting on May 18th. The selected work in progress is ‘Hive Networks’ by Raylab!Raylab is an exciting group including an anaesthetist, architect, optical engineer and thermonuclear scientist. They collaborate using live video, film, moving image, graphics, lasers, electronics, optics, computers, sensors and micro controllers with the aim to integrate the fields of electronics and new media as well as architecture, and computing. Simply put they hope to create new environments, interactive installations, devices and live performances.Raylab is primarily based in London but have lived and worked in Amsterdam in the past, so the stay at Chequepoint will be a return to familiar streets. Their work has also taken them to Germany and Russia, with recent collaborations with free2air.org and consume.net. Raylabs experience in the area of laser projections has resulted in frequent collaborations with artists such as Jamie Reid among others.
During the Chequepoint residency Raylab will be taking the Hive Networks project further. Hive networks have been described as combining the virtues of free software, free networks and open hardware to generate a framework for virtually any type of networked media application.
“imagine swarms of intelligent network devices which all collaborate and facilitate media applications such as audio and video streaming and create clouds of free bandwidth using ad-hoc networking protocols”
For further details see the Raylab project at http://www.raylab.com/, or http://www.hivenetworks.net/ for the specifics of the selected work in progress during this d.r.0.p. or keep looking at the Chequepoint website for live updates http://www.chequepoint.squat.net/


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